Cement Additive

Cement Additive
Product Description
We offer Cement Additives, which help in tailoring as well as optimizing cement systems, enabling them to impart long-term performance benefits. Suitable for working in most challenging conditions such as fluctuating formation pressures, wide-varying temperature changes, and corrosive elements, the exact dosage rates of these additives is based on the quality of cement and aggregates, kind of effect sought, ambient temperature and water/cement ratio. Hence, in many cases it is suggested to execute trial mixes. Offered best quality Cement Additives can be dissolved in water both directly or indirectly. It can be added during mixing as well as after-mixing (better).


Items Criteria Actual results (C×0.75%)
Appearance -- Light brown powder
Solid Content : % 91 min 91.2
Moisture : % 8.0 max 7.45
Fineness : (0.315mm remains) % 15.0 max 9
PH value : 7 - 9 7.8
Sodium Sulfate Content : % 18.0 max 16.60
Chloride Content : % 1.0 max 0.21
Surface Tension : 68-72 Mn/m 70
Cement Flowing Rate : 230mm 240mm
Water Reducing Rate : 18% min 20%
Dosage 0.5 – 1.5% by weight of cement.
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