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Naphthalene Superplasticizer - NSF

Naphthalene Superplasticizer poly naphthalene sulfonate PNS/SNF/NSF/FDN Different grades of 5% 10% 18% sodium sulfate

Product Description
SNF-A is a high range water reducer and high concentration naphthalene-based super plasticizer, also named Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde Condensate (NSF), SNF, PNS and FDN etc.
SNF-A (Na2SO4≤5%) contains no chloride and is non-corrosive to steel bars, non-poisonous, odorless, and non-flammable. Thus, it meets the requirements of chemical admixture specifications for concrete, complying with ASTM C 494, Type F. ASTM C 1017, GB8076-2008 and GB50119-2003 etc.
Product Uses
SNF-A has no retarding and no air-introducing. It is characterized as good super plasticing performance, high water-reducing rate and high strength with low dosage. It has no chloride, low alkali content, low sulphonate and high purity. This product is easy to use and can be widely used in different concretes.

YL-SNF-A can be applied to make flowing, strong or steam-curing concrete. The minimum working temperature can be as low as zero centigrade degree. In steam curing, concrete with superplasticizer has to be strong enough before heating. The steam curing specification has to be pre-tested. It is particularly used as base material for compound admixtures.

It can prevent from the alkali-aggregate reaction because of the biggish alkali reactivity of aggregate or the alkali-aggregate reaction in the moist environment.


  • High water-reducing rate: SNF-A can reduce water 20-30%. It has features of superplasticizer, effectively increases concrete fluidity and reduces water penetration and segregation and improves the encapsulation force of the concrete with reinforcing steel bar.
  • Strengthening: Given the same amount of cement and slump requirement, this product with the dosage 0.5-1.2% can increase the concrete early strength and reinforced effect by 50-100%, 40-70%, 25-60% and 20-60% on day 1, 3, 7, and 28 respectively.
  • High applicability: It can be used in variety of cement and is compatible with other admixtures.
  • Low sodium Sulfate content: The aqueous solution has no crystals in winter, which can avoid pipeline congestions when being used. It is suitable for automatic working.
  • Effective durability: It can modify the structure of concrete and increase the property of anti-seepage, anti-freezing, and carbonization.
  • Easy to use: It can be added directly or used after dissolved in water, and also can be used for different working condition and concrete mixer.