FDN-A Concrete Water Reducer

FDN-A Concrete Water Reducer

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FDN-A Concrete Water Reducer

Main properties:

  • This product meets the concrete admixtures GB8076-97 national grade standards.
  • Volume of cement dosage of 0.5-1%, water-reducing rate for 18-28%; early obvious intensity increase 60-95% day, three day, 28 day strength more than 25-60%, long-term strength has greatly improved.
  • Under the same cover, mix 0.7%, slump of more than 5-8 times blank, still retains plasticity.
  • Save the cement in the protection of design strength cases, concrete experience migraine can be saved.
  • Improved workability, and the mechanics of concrete, structural performance, increased impermeability and durability, and have good frost resistance.
  • FDN-A water reducer widely applicable, suitable for high-strength concrete, steel reinforcement and stress of reinforced concrete, impermeability of waterproof concrete steam curing concrete and nature conservation, high fluidity concrete, preparation of freeze-thaw resistance of concrete and so on.


  • There is plastic pellicle inside and is exteriorly packed with plastic woven bag with
  • 25kgs as net weight per bag or 550kgs per bag on pallet.


  • We can send the goods to the TIANJIN port or the QINGDAO port.
  • According  to the customers need,or let the container come to our factory packing.