Sodium Gluconate Concrete Chemical Admixtures

Sodium Gluconate Concrete Chemical Admixtures

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Sodium Gluconate Concrete Chemical Admixtures has extensive applications as water quality stabilizer in chemical plant. It is also used as glass and steel surface cleaning agent. It is a naturally procured anionic surfactant of standard grade molecular polymer. Notable for its white crystalline powder or granular form, it is available in 25 kg bag. It contains negligible amount of sulphate, chloride, heavy metal and arsenic. Long shelf life, precise composition, high effectiveness and cost effectiveness are some distinctive characteristics of this item. With having large clientele around the world, we have emerged as a prestigious manufacturer, exporter and supplier of standard grade Sodium Gluconate Concrete Chemical Admixtures.


  • Accurate composition
  • Eco friendly quality
  • Its original quality remains intact for longer period
  • Available in different packaging options    

Sodium Gluconate Concrete Chemical Admixtures

CAS No.: 527-07-1
EINECS: 408-207-7
Purity: 99.0%min
Appearance: white crystalline granule or powder


  • 25kgs bag
  • 25mt net per 20" FCL without pallet
  • 22mt net per 20" FCL with pallet


Sodium gluconate use the glucose as as raw material,it was extracted in the way of microbial fermentation and multi-effect concentration crystallization


Sodium gluconate in industry:

  • Because sodium gluconate has excellent effects of corrosion and scale proof, it is widely used as water quality stabilizer, such as the treatment chemicals in the cooling cycle system in petrochemical field, low pressure boiler and engine cooling water system .
  • Steel surface cleaning agent.
  • Glass bottle exclusive cleaning agent
  • As a water reducer and retarder in construction industry
  • Used in the textile industry as a nuisance less green chelating dispersant.